This blog is for anyone who has any of the following thoughts or concerns running through their head…

Do you remember when the vast majority UN member countries got together in 2000 and outlined a set of ambitious Millennium Development Goals? Whatever happened to those Goals??

How about that time Bono played for the One Campaign? Did the G8 fix everything?

Do you wonder what life looks like in “third world” cities, slums, or rural areas?

Are things getting better or worse for people in developing countries?

Can poor countries develop without sacrificing the quality of their environment?

Ever wish it were easier to keep up with the changes developing countries are seeing?

Ever wish it were easier to know when and how to take action on a particular issue?

Ever wish there were some positive news in the media about developing countries?

The subject of third world development is massive, and there is no way myself or even a team of people is going to be able to effectively cover everything. However, I believe this blog will at least be able to highlight trends and give insights into the bigger picture. It’s a complex world out there, but it is increasingly easier to keep tabs on what’s happening. My goal is to distill this information and make this site and myself into a resource for those who are dedicated to positive change.